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These are the pics from Miura's Calendar.

Here is how the whole thing looks > http://www.wretch.cc/blog/jijan/16212693

The pics below are from ♀初夏♂@Baidu

tell me if you need a .zip

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I'm once again in love with KK tour goods xD

So far I've found scans of the cards ( is it me or are cards the new "in" tour goods lol ), limited photos, uchiwas and few pages of the pamphlets ^^ oh and some fanrecords, but I'm sure those will pop up in the main comms =)

credit : Naver

Kimi mo~ )
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HE'S DONE!! \o/

My brother Ryuu finally finished to add guitar riffs to KAT-TUN's "CHANGE UR WORLD"
I was already fond of the original, but now I can't stop playing it xD

 so, what do you think? Should I share this on the main communities? I'm tempted to xD

If you like it, I'll add download links =)


 <= the random smurf is because I've been smurfing on the iPad for 2 days now xD
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not HQ so...

From Baidu

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1. I love my new layout 8D
2. I found a poilaroid maker software from POLAROID and ever since, everytime I find a picture that I like, it ends up in it xD

I had big graphic plans for the screencaps I made from NEWS' unplugged video, but I had to go out that day. When I came back, I was not as inspired anymore u_u

Download : [ mediafire ]

Use them as you please for I don't know what to do with them myself xD

sakuraaaaaaaaa~ )
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Live 2010

I like the goods except the bag >_> )
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Goods )

Now I can't wait for fancams to pop out xD
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imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com

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from XQ & Pantip

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Yuma looks cute o_o and WHERE are Yara & Tsubasa's goods previews?? ;_;

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